Sunday Ramblings

The first week of owning a retail store is in the bag! So what am I doing this sunny crisp Idaho morning? Cutting soap!  This week has been a whirlwind of emotions; Scary! I have no idea it this store will take off. Happy! When that first customer walked through the door! Elation! Each time someone said how beautiful my products were and how much they loved the store! Proud! To be sharing my love of Idaho and soap making with the community. 

I wanted to thank those friends, followers and family who congratulated and encouraged me in person and on social media. And those how were walking down the street and took that turn to come into our little store in the small Idaho town of Caldwell. I truly feel loved. 

AND an especially big thank you to the three teen age girls who stopped by my craft fair booth 5 years ago and said "Slap an Idaho on it and you can sell anything!" 

I'm excited for where my soap making journey has to take me over the next few year. It's been a fun adventure so far!